Zoom Call Checklist
The zoom call starts in less than two minutes – we cannot find the link, the dogs are barking, my kid is still brushing teeth and is wearing pajamas, the pencil point is broken, and the time is ticking….. I can’t be the only mom who has experienced this panic over these past few months? Zoom calls have become such a crucial part of our kids’ online learning experience. For many, navigating the technology while setting kids up for success on the call has become quite a juggle. Let’s be honest… some adults haven’t even mastered zoom call etiquette yet. I’ve seen videos go viral with adults zooming in work meetings while in the bathroom thinking their video was off…. ugh-o!
With such new learning opportunities we wanted to make it easier for parents and kids to be prepared for zoom calls by creating a quick checklist to use before their meeting begins. Print it out, laminate it or put it into a clear protective sheet, and have kids check it off daily. We hope this creates less stress and a better opportunity for your kids to be the best zoom participant possible. Hope this is helpful!