7 Simple Steps to Prevent a Grocery Store Meltdown

I’ve been there trying to prevent a grocery store meltdown. I was rushing to toss just one more item into my shopping cart as my blood was boiling because my kids nagged me to go look at blind bags (meaningless little cheap toys that will break or get lost after a day.) I’ve been there trying to remember that one item I needed to fulfill my recipe for dinner. Yep, I’ve been there squirreling frantically through the aisles trying to get out before my son had a complete meltdown.

I’ve been there wondering what other folks think of me as my kids get a bit silly. Worrying about “looks” as I began to shush them was common at the store. I’ve been there scurrying through my purse to shove into their mouth’s because they are HANGRY. I’ve been there as my kids started arguing with each other. And I’ve been there, at the point of a total meltdown… pressing on to get my last few items and praying that I could get through the self check before tears started flowing. (by the kids or me, lol)

I’ve been there. And then I changed. I began creating clearer expectations before we even walked through the door. I began shopping at different times of the day so that my kids were feeling their best. And I changed my attitude.

There are still plenty of days that I have to run into the store at inopportune times and it doesn’t go quite as well as others. But for the most part shopping is much easier now because we’ve followed some of these basic strategies. Granted, my kids aren’t real little ones anymore and expectations change with age. But I certainly wish I’d have done a better job at implementing these strategies when they were toddlers. I know for sure I could have prevented many meltdowns.

I’m hoping our Grocery Store Playbook will give you the tools you need to prevent a grocery store meltdown and give you a bit of peace next time you go to the store. I’m rooting for all those Mamas and Dads trying to scurry through before the meltdown. Before you have to abort mission… give some of these strategies a try! I’m rooting for you! Download the FREE Grocery Store Playbook and enjoy your next shopping trip stress free!