Fit Missions & Exercises

Fit Missions are combinations of exercises kids and families can do to improve their overall health.  These workouts can be done anywhere – no fancy equipment is needed.  Work up to 10 reps for each exercise.  Start at the top of the fit mission and work your way down, checking off the boxes if you’d like.  Once you get to the bottom take a 30-45 second break and start back at the top with your second set.  If anything hurts, stop immediately.  If you need to modify any exercises do so.  Be sure to check out the exercise moves on our Youtube Channel so you know the proper form.  Try your best!  Pay attention to your form!  You can do hard things!  

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  • Crab Kicks

    Crab kicks are a great gut busting move that will also strengthen your lower back and arms. You will need to practice this move as it requires a great deal of balance to master. If you find yourself tipping over you are most likely not reaching across your body –...
  • Fidget Spinner Fitness

    Looking for a fun way to keep your kids moving on those rainy days? Print out this fidget spinner fitness game and they're all set! Tons of fun, trendy gadgets, and exercise all wrapped up into one awesome game!
  • Flamingo – Fit Kids Factory

    The flamingo is a great exercise to fire up those quads, improve balance and stability, and increase power.  Begin in Captain's pose balancing on one leg and standing up tall.  Slowly extend one leg backwards keeping your chest up.  Bend knee and sink down low.  Drive leg forward with power...
  • 7 Simple Steps to Prevent a Grocery Store Meltdown

    I've been there trying to prevent a grocery store meltdown. I was rushing to toss just one more item into my shopping cart as my blood was boiling because my kids nagged me to go look at blind bags (meaningless little cheap toys that will break or get lost...
  • Featured Fit Kid – Isabella K.

    Isabella is a 5th grade student in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District with a warm personality and a huge heart!  When at home Izzie enjoys cooking and loves to eat pasta. She is an animal lover and takes excellent care of her horse, Tex.  She takes riding lessons and...

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