Fit Missions & Exercises

Fit Missions are combinations of exercises kids and families can do to improve their overall health.  These workouts can be done anywhere – no fancy equipment is needed.  Work up to 10 reps for each exercise.  Start at the top of the fit mission and work your way down, checking off the boxes if you’d like.  Once you get to the bottom take a 30-45 second break and start back at the top with your second set.  If anything hurts, stop immediately.  If you need to modify any exercises do so.  Be sure to check out the exercise moves on our Youtube Channel so you know the proper form.  Try your best!  Pay attention to your form!  You can do hard things!  

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  • How to Help Your Child Talk Openly With You

    Encouraging open communication with our kids is a skill that takes practice. In each developmental stage kids lean in or retreat... and it's up to the adults to foster positive communication during each stage. There are so many things we can do to create this safe space...
  • Yogurt Parfait Snack Lesson & Fun 30-Minute Workout!

    Do your kids love sugary snacks? Check out the Fit Kids Factory as we break down healthy yogurts and build the perfect yogurt parfait while eliminating tons of added sugar. You can enjoy that healthy parfait after you've moved your body to fun tunes during the FREE Live...
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

    Who doesn't love pancakes!?! Most kids love pancakes smothering in maple syrup. We've tried to make these a bit healthier as our kids would eat them every morning! By adding in banana the pancakes take on a natural sweetness without the need for syrup. Adding in...
  • Taco Tuesdays – Cleanin’ It Up

    Tacos have always been a family favorite and taco Tuesdays seems to flow often in many families. We’ve cleaned up our taco recipe by making our own taco seasoning, using lean ground turkey, limiting the cheese, and adding some plain Greek yogurt to the top. Join Coach Laura in the...
  • N.E.W.S. Lesson & Fit Mission

    We are so excited to share the N.E.W.S. with all of you! We believe there are 4 key components to taking care of our health…. Nutrition, Exercise, Water, and Sleep. Together, the NEWS helps to keep our bodies healthy and as fit as possible. It is so important to fuel...

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