Summer Camps

Camps are a great way to keep kids moving throughout the summer months! Coaches facilitate camps in mornings and evenings so that all kids are able to attend. From smoothie bars, obstacle courses, hydration stations, workouts, and lessons/crafts…. the kids are sure to have a blast with our professional coaches. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic we have worked closely with local authorities to prepare for our NORWIN STRONG SUMMER CAMP June 22-24th.  We will proceed with camp as scheduled and cannot wait to see everyone again!  To register, click the link below! 


Fit Kids love to move to some of their favorite songs and enjoy trying some new fitness moves. They build confidence each week as they try new exercises or master more challenging ones. Our workouts and physical games are tailored for each age group and target large and small muscle development. Kids love learning fun moves like popcorn push-ups and broccoli burpees! In addition to the workouts, kids participate in physical games focus on teamwork, strength, and agility.


Healthy snacks are a kid favorite at Fit Kids and encourages them to try new and healthy foods. Kids learn how to read labels and determine sneaky sugars found in many kid snacks offered to them. In addition to healthy snacks, Coaches often offer “try-foods” to encourage kids to try new and unusual healthy foods as related to our daily themes. Parents also receive fun snack ideas and healthy recipes to reinforce healthy food choices at home.


Interactive lessons are taught at each session and focus on nutrition, healthy food choices, body systems, and fitness. Our curriculum is well-developed and transfers to all ages and learning levels. Our Coach’s energy and love for fitness provides a contagious enthusiasm for kids. Parents love hearing about all of the important health information their child has learned during program. Kids often take this information home and encourage other family members to make healthy food choices and try some of the fitness moves.

Summer Camps

Fit Kids Factory provides Summer Camps in smany communities across Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties. For easy online registration for an upcoming camp scroll down and choose your child’s community!

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