Our Chickens

This past Easter my Uncle bought four baby chickens for his grandchildren.  Two of them were white, and two of them were black.  He lives across the street so I went to visit them.

When I first saw the baby chicks, I knew I wanted one… They were so fluffy and cute!  I just had to get one!  I was begging my mom to let me buy one.

Soon enough, my mom, my little brother Quinn, and I drove up to Tractor Supply to get some chickens.  I was planning to get one white chick for me, and one black chick for Quinn using my birthday money.  When we actually got there we were told we couldn’t just buy two that you could only buy 4 at a time.  So we got 2 whites and 2 blacks.  We took them to my uncle’s and put them in the big bin with the others.  We painted little dots on their feathers with nail polish so we knew which ones were ours.  I named mine Dawn and Dusk and Quinn named his Lea and Molly.

The chickens soon grew too big for the little bin in the house so my uncle built a small coop for them to stay in until they were big enough to go to camp.  They lived in the coop in the garage for about 5 weeks and grew very big!  At camp my uncle built an awesome chicken coop where they could all walk around and climb up on roosting poles that looked like a ladder.  There is a little door for them to go in and out so they can come and go as they like!  He is still working on their outside space that will be all fenced in so that no wild animals can get to them.

Dawn’s fancy cupcake ankle bracelet!

We went to visit the chicks up at camp they were so funny!  They were running all around camp!  My cousins and I chased after them and tried to catch them.  Aunt Jody bought anklets for them and we put one onto each of their ankles so we knew who they were.  I picked a cupcake charm for Dawn and a star for Dusk.  It took a long time to catch and tag each chic.  There were 12 altogether but 3 of them were roosters.  You can only have one rooster (boy) in a coop or they will fight over the girls.  So I had to choose which rooster got to stay.  The other roosters will go to another farm (I hope)  – at least that is what I will continue to believe!  lol

We are really excited to get some fresh eggs from the chickens!  Our family can easily go through a couple dozen each week and my Mom is really pumped for some fresh eggs!  Personally, I don’t like eggs, I just like the chics:)

I’ll post some more stories about the chickens next time I go to camp to visit them!