My 1st Mud on the Mountain Race

This past summer I completed my first Mud on the Mountain at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.  It was so much fun!  I got to the starting line and I was a little bit nervous and a lot excited!  They played loud music to get us pumped up before the race and we all jumped up and down.  When the whistle blew we all took off up the hill.

On the course, there were many different obstacles to climb over and run through.  There was a huge slip-n-slide and also a “car wash” where they sprayed bubbles on us.

Many of my cousins and friends ran in the race with me.  We ALL finished the race and did a great job.  I was really happy for many of my friends who gave 100% and just kept going.

My Mom always tells us we can do hard things….. this was hard, and we ALL did it!