Fit Kids Factory 5-Day Meal Plan

Sometimes…. I just don’t know where time goes!  In fact, I run around all day long and before I know it it’s time for dinner.  As a result I’ve got some HANGRY eyes staring at me.  It’s easy to feel unprepared and just go with whatever is easiest which most often ends up not being very healthy.   I’ve gotten better at planning and started taking about 20 minutes to jot down what we will eat for dinner for the week.  I take a look at what activities we have going on and when I will need fast meals to heat up.

Most of you know I do not necessarily enjoy cooking.  I like super simple meals that I can toss into a crockpot.  I also like simple ingredients.  In addition, I REFUSE to cook separate meals for different people in the family… I am not a short order cook!  hahah.

Settling on some family favorites took time and a lot of trial and error.  We keep it super simple and as healthy as possible.  Some days we fail to plan – and on those days we usually don’t eat healthy foods.  Nevertheless, we keep getting better and take time to try new recipes.  It is much easier for us to meal plan now that we have practiced it for years.  Overall, we are in a good routine of creating quick and easy meals.  As a matter of fact, we have freed up some family time as we don’t wasted time in the kitchen trying to figure out what to eat. 

We hope you use this meal plan as a starting point for your family.  Give the recipes a try and use whatever you like.  Add them to your family’s toolbox.  Meal planning works.  Just gotta find the right recipes and snacks that work for your family.

Download your FREE 5-Day Meal Plan below and let us know which meal was your family favorite!  Click on the meals and you will be directed to the free printable recipe for each.  We hope you enjoy!